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About New Zealand

New Zealand is an island democracy in the southwestern Pacific ocean. It is located near the midpoint of the water and made up of two vital islands including a number of tiny islands. Because of distance, it was one of the last regions to be settled by humans. New Zealand two prime components are North Island and South Island detached by Cook Strait. Okiato was the first capital of New Zealand and Auckland was the second but since 1865 Wellington is the present capital of New Zealand. Wellington is the home of the country’s national Parliament, offices and headquarters.

New Zealand has a largely mild climate. Its weather is dominated by two major geographical features – the sea and the mountains. New Zealand weather has dominant importance to the people of New Zealand, as many inhabitants make their living from farming. English is the main language spoken by most New Zealanders. In April 2006, New Zealand became the first country to declare sign language as an official language as well as English. The New Zealand Dollar is the currency of this country. New Zealand has the best education theme that attracts worldwide students to enjoy the perfection of study.

Why study in New Zealand
  • The broad range of study and research opportunities

The eight institutions that make up the New Zealand university system are located in cities across the country’s two main islands, the North and the South. This distribution gives students the chance to pursue a wide range of opportunities in the study, work, recreation and culture.

The proximity of all eight universities to New Zealand’s diverse natural environment offers students the chance to research anything from endangered marine mammals to earthquake engineering. Although all the universities offer core degrees in the arts, business and science, each also has its own distinctive profile.

For example, Auckland and Otago have the country’s two medical schools, featuring hospital-based learning, whereas Canterbury and Auckland have an international profile for their engineering courses.

You can read more about the universities in New Zealand in our choosing a university section.

  • A high-quality learning experience

The New Zealand university system is research-based, as it is historically based on the British higher education model. This means there are a number of similarities between the 2 systems, such as the names of qualifications, teaching methods, and the look and feel of the university campuses. All academic staff are expected to be active researchers as well as teachers. This insistence on research-informed teaching ensures a high-quality learning experience.

The universities representative body, the New Zealand Vice-Chancellors Committee, has legal responsibility for university course approval and moderation procedures.
The New Zealand Universities Academic Audit Unit supports this quality assurance method. These systems certify that university education in New Zealand is of a consistently excellent standard.

A degree recognized and valued by UK employers

Students applying for jobs in the UK with a degree from New Zealand are highly sought after by UK employers. Employers are seeking out graduates with a global perspective and completing your degree overseas is a great way of achieving this.

  • Moderate entry requirements

Unlike the situation in the UK and many other countries, New Zealand does not have a massive competition to enter the first year of a university degree. This is because the New Zealand government has invested heavily in university education over the years.
As a result, New Zealand has more capacity than it has students. Good students with moderate grades can gain entry to most Bachelor degree programs without any problems. Therefore, entry requirements are moderate compared with most of the top universities in the UK.

  • A welcoming destination

International students are welcomed by New Zealand society, both for the cultural diversity they bring and their contribution to the economy. They are gladly received into New Zealand homes and student social networks. New Zealanders are well-travelled, with a great interest in people from other cultures, so visitors and international students soon feel more than welcome.
Campuses are highly international, with students from all corners of the globe studying and socializing together. Students come from Europe, South East Asia, the UK, North Asia, Japan, South America, India, and Australia, amongst many others.

New Zealand also has a well-developed system of pastoral care for international students, backed by a government-monitored Code of Practice. This means you will be well looked after during your time studying there.

  • Costs

The country has a comparatively low cost of living, abundant fresh food at reasonable prices and a wide variety of student accommodation options. Transport is also moderately priced, affording easy access to rivers, mountains, lakes, forests and beaches and the recreational opportunities they provide.

  • Beautiful location

New Zealand is renowned for its natural beauty and its adventure activities, and all this is readily accessible from all eight universities in the country.

Student Visa Requirements

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  • Useful Links

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    www.overheid.nl: Central access point to all information concerning government organizations in the Netherlands
    www.octrooigemachtigde.nl: Netherlands Institute of Patent Attorneys
    www.knaw.nl: The Royal Netherlands Academy of Sciences and Arts
    www.nwo.nl: Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research (NWO)
    www.tno.nl: Netherlands (Applied) Scientific Research institute
    www.jaarbeursutrecht.nl: Dutch fairs and exhibitions in Uthrecht
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    www.nltr400.com : The official website of the celebrations of 400 years of diplomatic relations between the Netherlands and Turkey
    www.vno-ncw.nl: VNO-NCW – Dutch Employers Organisation
    www.mkb.nl: MKB – Employers Organisation for SMEs
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    www.tln.nl: TLN- Dutch Employers Association on Transport and Logistics
    www.bouwendnederland.nl: Bouwend Nederland- Association of Construction and Infrastructure Companies
    www.fme-cwm.nl: FME/ CWM- Association of Enterprises in the Mechanical, Metalworking, Plastics, Electronics and Electro technical Industry
    www.metalunie.nl: Metaalunie – Association of Enterprises in Metal Industry
    www.gmv-fme.nl: GMV- Dutch Machinery Group for Food and Packaging
    www.vnci.nl: VNCI – Association of the Dutch Chemical Industry
    www.nefarma.nl: NEFARMA- Branch organization for Dutch Pharmaceutical Companies)
    www.nav-aerosol.nl: NAV – Dutch Aerosol Association
    www.fenit.nl – FENIT – Federation for ICT Industries
    www.hidc.nl- HIDC – Holland International Distribution Council
    www.fme-wind.com: FME- Wind Energy Group
    www.cogen.nl: COGEN – Dutch Association for Combined Heat and Power
    www.vbko.nl: VBKO – Dutch Association of Contractors in Dredging, Shore and Bank Protection
    www.vnsi.nl: VNSI – Netherlands Shipbuilding Industry Association
    www.hme.nl: HME – Holland Marine Equipment
    www.hollandhealth.tech.nl : Holland Health Technology Association
    www.indent.nl: INDENT – Association of the Dutch Industry for Dental Products
    www.nevat.nl: NEVAT – Netherlands Association of Subcontracting Industries
    www.nabu.nl: NABU – Netherlands Association of International Contractors
    www.nat.nl: NAT – Netherlands Airport Technology Group
    www.vlm.fme.nl: VLM – Association of Suppliers of Environmental Equipments and Techniques
    www.onri.nl: ONRI – Order of Dutch Consulting Engineers
    www.vnp-online.nl: VNP – Netherlands Paper and Board Association
    www.nag.nl: NAG – Netherlands Aerospace Group
    www.hollandsolar.nl: Netherlands Solar Energy Association
    www.dgbc.nl: DGBC – Dutch Green Building Council
    .nlwww.ivbn: IVBN – Netherlands Association of Institutional Property Investors
    www.anvr.nl: ANVR – Netherlands Association of Tour Operators
    www.nvbo.bnl: NVBO – Netherlands Association of Fair Organizers
    www.fmo.nl: Dutch Development Finance Agency (FMO)
    www.atradius.nl: Dutch Export Credit Insurance Agency (Atradius Medium Term State Business)

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