About Us


Furalle Educational Consultants is a duly registered company with our head office in Lagos, Nigeria. We are established to meet the growing demand from Nigerian students, professionals and institutions seeking both local, regional and international educational experience.

The world of education is evolving, driven not only by technology but by the increased thirst for knowledge and by the volume of information available to the public .

Furalle Educational Consultants is a team of highly trained professionals with the aim of being part of your success story .

We know you want the very best in life and we provide you with the ‘How’ and totally  committed  to you attaining your study plan, dreams and aspirations.

Furalle Education is passionately involved to helping  in developing the human mind by providing you with support for your study plan and dream. Education is a liberator and a fundamental ingredient to the human existence. Without Education there is nothing we can achieve as we know with the right knowledge, the sky is just but a starting point.

Furalle Educational  consult plays an important role by helping you unlock your potentials. We match you with the required institution anywhere in the world to help you attain your desired zenith in life . We register you for both online and onsite programmes as we want to be a vital part of your success story. We understand your needs and we walk you through your career dream by making it a possibility .

Our focus is on building an efficient and results-driven relationship with you our esteemed clients. Get in touch to learn more on how we can assist you.

Our Values

  • Impacting the world
  • Constantly adding value
  •  Priority of students are our main focus.
  •  Poverty eradication through education
  • Causing the need for education be known hence bringing about creation, innovation and sustainability.
  • Making known the value of education as the key component to any developing society.

Providing the opportunity for the development of human capacity as a cursory developer of nations.
Inspiring To Aspire


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