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About Dubai
Dubai is one of the most cosmopolitan cities in the world with sun, sea, and sand. The capital of the United Arab Emirates is also called Dubayy. It was created in 1971, covering an area of 13.5 square miles with a population of 3.38 lakhs. Dubai has a hot humid climate around the year, humidity is high in the summer months and moderates the rest of the year. The surveys show that around 85% of Dubai's population is foreign. Almost 200 nationalities reside in Dubai from all over the world. Dubai is a favourite place for those who love luxury shopping, and it is also known for its modern architecture and lively nightlife scene. From being a small desert, Dubai has now evolved into a cultural focal point in the Middle East and a popular tourist destination.

Key Attractions:
1. Safe

2. Heaven for Foodies
3. Great place to mingle

4. High quality of education

5. Tourist’s Dream Destination

Why study in Dubai

The latest addition to the list of best abroad studies destination. Dubai is a country with the fastest-growing economy that offers international students wide career opportunities. For international students, Dubai is the right place to study for a number of reasons, it is safe, cheaper, hospitable, an international business centre, a cosmopolitan city, etc. Dubai is famous for the tallest building, Burj Khalifa, cultural diversity, food, academic excellence and what not.  More than 77,463 international students in Dubi, are enrolled in various study programs. Dubai is home to some of the world's finest restaurants, with a variety of cuisines. Students get a chance to explore different cultures, a variety of cuisines, 180 different beliefs and faith while studying in Dubai. 


  • Economical 

  • A global city
  • Better Job Opportunities

  • Get trained from the best leaders

  • Enrolled in Exchange programs
  • Chance to explore the Seven emirates


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Universities and colleges in Dubai

1.  Ajman University

2. Abu Dhabi University

3. Khalifa University

4. Zayed University

5. University of Sharjah

6. Middlesex University Dubai

7.Hult International Business School

8. United Arab Emirates University

9.American University of Sharjah (AUS)

10. S P Jain School of Global Management

Student Visa Requirements
  • Passport with at least 6 months validity, the passport must have two blank visa pages (one to endorse the visa and one for entry stamps)
  • Passport copies (about 4).
  • Photographs (about 12)
  • Passport copies (about 2 copies)
  • Upon arrival, passport copies with entry visa to the UAE (about 3 copies)
  • Evidence of acceptance to a UAE tertiary institute (offer letter)
  • Possibly bank statements showing evidence of funds in the UAE
  • Possibly a tenancy agreement (or letter from the university if staying in university accommodation)
  • Copy of tuition fee receipt for the current study year of the program
  • Copy of visa fees receipt for the current study year of the program
  • Post-graduate students will need to have their undergraduate degree attested

Useful Links


Ministry of Finance – http://uk.fm.dk/
Ministry of Climate and Energy – http://www.kemin.dk/English/
Ministry of the Environment – http://www.mim.dk/eng/
Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Fisheries – http://www.fvm.dk/English.aspx?ID=14541
Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation – http://en.vtu.dk/
Ministry of Taxation – http://www.skm.dk/foreign/
Ministry of Transport – http://www.trm.dk/sw521.asp
Ministry of Economic and Business Affairs – http://www.oem.dk/sw184.asp
Ministry of Foreign Affairs – www.um.dk

Prime Ministers Office – http://www.skm.dk/foreign/

Royal Danish Embassy in Tel Aviv – http://www.ambtelaviv.um.dk/en

Chamber of Commerce – www.danskerhverv.com
Confederation of Danish Industry – http://www.di.dk/
Danish Exporters – http://www.danishexporters.dk/scripts/danishexporters/danishexporters_forside.asp
Danish Export Association – http://www.dk-export.dk/uk-1
Invest in Denmark – www.investindk.com
Statistics Denmark – www.dst.dk
Trade Council of Denmark – http://www.um.dk/en/menu/TradeAndInvestment/
The Danish Yellow Pages (only in Danish) – www.degulesider.dk
(English) www.yellowpages.dk

Trade fairs
Bella Center – http://www.bellacenter.dk/English
Messecenter Herning kongrescenter – http://www.messecenter.dk/UK/index.asp

Financial information, Taxations and Investments
Financial Newspaper – Børsen – http://borsen.dk/1493
National Bank Denmark- http://www.nationalbanken.dk/dnuk/specialdocuments.nsf
Danske Bank – http://www.danskebank.com/en-uk/about-us/Pages/about-us.aspx
Copenhagens Stock Exchange – CSE – http://www.nasdaqomxnordic.com/
Euro Investor – http://www.euroinvestor.dk/Stock/MarketOverview_DK.aspx
Copenhagen Capacity – Foreign Investment Agency – www.copcap.com

Danish Agricultural Council (Danish) – http://www.landbrugsraadet.dk/view.asp?ID=12112
Danish Dairy Board – http://www.mejeri.dk/smcms/danishdairyboard_dk/Home/Index.htm?ID=5055
Danish Bacon & Meat Council (DBMC) -http://www.danskeslagterier.dk/smcms/Danske_Slagterier_UK/Index.htm?ID=141
Danish Plant Directorate – http://pdir.fvm.dk/English.aspx?ID=7335
Danish Food Industry Agency – http://ferv.fvm.dk/English.aspx?ID=27059
The Danish Grain- and Feed Trade Association – www.dakofo.dk/AboutDakofo.htm

Medicon Valley – http://www.mediconvalley.com/Medicon%20ValleyDanish Agency for Medicon ValleyAlliance – http://www.mva.org/?gclid=CKnVoruds5cCFUse3godB3CMiw
Science, Technology and Innovation – http://en.fi.dk/

The Danish Association of Biotechnology Industries – http://danskbiotek.customers.composite.net/

R&D, Information and Engineering Technologies
Danish Energy Agency – http://www.ens.dk/sw11492.asp
Energy and Oil Associations (Danish)
Iron and Metal Industry – www.jernindustri.dk/Default.aspx

Maritime & Transport Information
Copenhagen – Malmö Port – http://www.cmport.com/CMP/uk/uk_docs.nsf
Danish Ports – http://www.danskehavne.dk/dk/Service/In+English
Copenhagen Airports – http://www.cph.dk/CPH/UK/MAIN/
DSB- Danish trains – http://www.dsb.dk/cs/Satellite?pagename=DSBUK/Forside
Maritime Denmark (Danish) – http://www.detmaritimedanmark.dk/
CFL Cargo – http://www.cflcargo.dk/
Danish Transport and logistics (Danish) – http://www.dtl.eu/

Space Technologies
Danish National Space Center – http://www.spacecenter.dk/research/danish-doctoral-school-of-space-science-and-technology
DTU – Danish Technology University – http://www.space.dtu.dk/

Tourist Information
Visit Denmark – http://www.dt.dk/
Visit Copenhagen – http://www.visitcopenhagen.dk/
Tivoli – www.tivoli.dk
Maps of Denmark – www.krak.dk
Weather forecast – http://www.dmi.dk/eng/index/forecasts.htm