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Award-winning Leadership Development Programmes

Early Career Development –

Graduates and Apprentices

Early Career Acceleration for Graduates

Feeding your talent pipeline from the bottom up is a key element of ensuring the successful organic growth of any organisation. The foundation population of today often becomes the core management population of tomorrow and the senior leaders of the future.

You only get one opportunity to make a positive first impact on your graduates. We help them feel valued and invested in, and give them an inspiring introduction to your brand.

Leadership Development Taster Programme

A complimentary programme exploring the progression to Senior Leadership & the challenge of  Leading through Others’ at the Strategic Level.

These are programmes that are designed for participants who want to debate the nature of leadership, discuss issues of importance to senior leaders.

It is important to recognise that these sessions are not sales pitches. They are mini development programmes: you will discuss leadership theories, learn some development techniques, and come away with implementable solutions to several leadership challenges.

You will also learn more about how our methodology can help your organisation achieve better performance by developing its people.

These programmes are held regularly around the world.

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