Duolingo English Proficiency Test 2020 – Online Certification

Duolingo English Proficiency Test
Duolingo English Proficiency Test

Students are highly motivated to apply abroad. But once they see the requirements of IELTS/TOEFL, they don’t apply. Mostly because the tests are quite expensive. Here is a good news for all of you. Now Duolingo English Proficiency Test is accepted worldwide.

Advantages of Duolingo English Test:

  1. It is standard universally and can be taken online. Hence, you don’t have to go anywhere
  2. It is much easier, time saving, modernized, and inexpensive in comparison with other tests.
  3. Charges of a Duolingo Test compared to IELTS Test: The lowest fees for IELTS Test is $225 which varies according to the location of the test center whereas Duolingo test is only for $49.
  4. The time limit for result is within 48 hours.
  5. The results can be sent to several institutions with zero cost and is acceptable by many institutions.

What is the Test comprised of?

It tests your reading, writing, communication, and paying attention expertise. They make you listen and read words and choose the real ones. And ask you to fill in the blanks for missing letter from a text. And also they ask to describe a picture.

There are oral and written exams (written in 500 words or less) in which you answer some questions. You have to record yourself speaking written sentences. Lastly, they ask to type sentences while speaking. It is a 1 hour test.

Institutions that accept the Test:

More than 2000 institutes accept the test. These include institutions from the United States, Canada, Germany, Australia, etc. The test results remain effective for 2 years.

Can Undergraduates take the Test?

Undergraduates, Graduates all are eligible for the Test and can take it online. They can prepare for it through a few videos and material available online along with sample test.


  1. Computer/laptop/PC is required along with microphone and speaker and a webcam.
  2. An updated version of our supported browser with an unfailing internet connection is required
  3. You will have to keep your actual physical ID while the test because a copy will not be acceptable.
  4. You also have to submit a picture of this ID for verification for results.

Duolingo English Test Guidelines:

  • Your surrounds should be silent and brightly lit.
  • Your face ears should be evident. Avoid open hairs or any sort of hat, sunglasses, or cloth covering them. Headphones and earphones are not allowed.
  • No cheating material such as mobile phone, notes, or books is allowed. Also, no writing material is allowed (any writing utensil and paper).
  • You only have to look at the screen and not communicate with anyone during the test and you are not allowed to leave your test window on your browser.

Note: There are Total 160 Points in Duolingo English Test (10 to 160).

How to Apply in Duolingo English Test:

Take the Duolingo English Proficiency Test online anytime and Finish in 1 hour. You can get results within 2 days.

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  • Wasiu November 8, 2020 @ 11:54 am

    Can Duolingo be used for Canada work permit processing instead of IELTS required?

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