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European Union

Europe is home to many of the world’s oldest and most prestigious universities – and many of the most exciting and attractive student cities.

European countries, and their universities, are of course all very different – in terms of language, lifestyle and living costs.

European countries invest in their higher education systems to help make education affordable for students, whilst maintaining high quality standards. Across Europe, tuition fees and living costs compare very well to other study destinations. In fact, in some European countries, study programmes are free of charge! There are lots of scholarships and financial support options available too.

The beauty of Europe is that it offers so much choice. With world-class universities, higher education institutions and research institutes, offering 100,000s of Bachelor’s Degree, Master’s Degree and PhD/Doctoral programmes, plus short-term study opportunities, you can choose the experience that suits you.


Canada is home to some of the best schools in the world. Individuals who study in Canada receive a top-quality and internationally-respected education, preparing them for professional pursuits in Canada or abroad. Yet, the cost of tuition and living fees in Canada are generally lower than in other developed countries.

United Kingdom

The UK education system gives students the freedom to combine courses and subjects from different areas of studies, so you can tailor your degree to your own needs and interest.

There are more than 395 universities and colleges, offering over 50,000 undergraduate-level higher education courses across the UK. Many international students need to apply for a visa to study in the UK, and there are work permit restrictions and some English language qualifications you may need.

We will provide you with valuable information about the United Kindom’s culture, education system, and how to adapt to life as a student 


USA has the world’s largest international student population, with more than 1,000,000 students choosing to broaden their education and life experience in the United States.

US boasts over 150 leading universities in the QS World University Rankings. Of course, it’s not just the high standard of US universities that attracts students from far and wide. Whether you’re attracted to the bright lights and fast pace of the big city or to miles of the unspoiled wilderness; sun-kissed beaches or vast mountain ranges; the rustic and traditional or the sleek and modern, this huge and incredibly varied country has something for everyone.

Find out about universities, courses, admission, fees, visa requirements, work permit, cost of living, etc. in USA.

Carribbean Islands

Caribbean Island is a place full of beauty with a diverse community. Their main study focus is Medicine. The main charm to study medicine on the Caribbean island is its astounding natural beauty with a sensational ecosystem. The Caribbean island is a place surrounded by diverse beaches with powdery white sand, the vast Atlantic sea, and the most astounding thing is its humanitarian background. Apart from the pristine beauty, the Caribbean island is renowned for another reason. It is opening its gateway to the medical students by its alluring medical colleges in Caribbean Island.
Caribbean Island has some world-class medical schools which are recognized by their local governments and awarded as the Doctor of Medicine (MD) and Bachelor of Surgery (MBBS) degree. Aside from the tropical weather and pristine beaches, the Caribbean island gives the golden opportunity for students to provide them with a USMLE curriculum-based study.

Today, students from the Caribbean medical universities who demonstrate excellent academic and clinical performances are able to compete with US medical students for residency in the US. That said, most medical students from these schools tend to pursue more general fields of medicine (e.g. internal medicine) and thus the residency acceptance success rate does not reflect the success in the most competitive medical specialties residency programs.

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