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About Switzerland

Switzerland – ‘The Heaven on land’ is a country situated in heart of Western and Central Europe and is surrounded by Germany to the North, Italy to the South, France to the West and Austria and Liechtenstein to the East. Most of the part of Switzerland is composed of an alpine highland. The climate is balanced with no excessive hot, cold or humidity and the seasons are clearly distinct as well climate system can fluctuate from year to year. Switzerland has an approximate 8,389,397 population and the sex proportion of the total population was 1,000 females per 968 males which is lower than the global sex ratio.

Switzerland has four languages as its national language – German, French, Italian and Romansh. Most of the tourists from other countries are impressed by the variety of languages in such a less populated country. An about two-third portion of Switzerland is wrapped with mountains, lakes and forests and it has a lake of mineral resources and relies on imported goods from neighbour countries.

Switzerland’s economy depends on highly educated workers performing fantastic piece of works. Most of the people of Switzerland are working with short or medium-sized companies which play an awfully vital role in the Swiss economy. Switzerland is a globally known centre of excellent study and a broad range of high-quality courses. Studying in a multi-language country will also boost your strength for your career prospects.

Why study in Switzerland

Switzerland known all over the world as the most dreaded place for honeymoon destination is now being known to the world as a study abroad destination. The high quality of education is relatively accessible and a large percentage of the student population is comprised of foreign students. At colleges or universities, you will meet and associate with people from all over the world, giving you a very global outlook and politically neutral understanding of life.

The cost of tuition is comparable to the US and there is a wide variety of programs to choose from. The quality of education is renowned and the environment is conducive to research. The student here has a wide variety of programs to choose from. These programs are in English. The PhD candidates are a paid workforce. The classrooms have few students in order to give individual attention to all. There are excellent facilities and the environment is safe. International students are welcome in Switzerland.

The most popular of the educational facilities for foreign students are the Swiss Hospitality Schools. Located in various towns and cities across Switzerland, these schools are renowned worldwide for their high standards and are almost a pre-requisite for hospitality students looking for a first-class education. Most Swiss universities structure their academic year in three-term periods that run from early September to December, late January to early May, and late May to July respectively.

Switzerland is an ideal location if you enjoy outdoor pursuits. The Swiss Alps provide a picture-perfect backdrop and you will find a wealth of activities available throughout the four seasons that will interest even the most lethargic of personalities. After a gruelling day of lectures, all universities and colleges offer a variety of recreational activities for their students. There are several inter-university sports tournaments and you are likely to find tennis courts, sports centres and a café-bar where students can socialize. Away from campus, students are entitled to discounts at exhibitions, theatres, art galleries, and museums.

The most sought after sport skiing is also possible here in season. Students can hire ski equipment. Switzerland known for Swiss chocolates and watches is a very welcoming country.

Universities and colleges in Switzerland

1 Eidgenössische Technische Hochschule Zürich-Zürich
2 École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne-Lausanne
3 Université de Genève-Geneva
4 Universität Zürich-Zürich
5 Universität Bern-Bern
6 Universität Basel-Basel
7 Université de Lausanne-Lausanne
8 Universität St.Gallen-St. Gallen
9 Université de Fribourg-Fribourg
10 Université de Neuchâtel-Neuchâtel
11 Fachhochschule Nordwestschweiz-Brugg …
12 Università della Svizzera Italiana-Lugano
13 Universität Luzern-Luzern
14 Berner Fachhochschule-Bern …
15 Hochschule Luzern-Luzern …
16 Zürcher Hochschule der Künste-Zürich
17 Pädagogische Hochschule Zürich-Zürich
18 Institut de hautes études internationales et du développement–Geneva
19 Hochschule für Technik Rapperswil-Rapperswil
20 Haute École Spécialisée de Suisse Occidentale-Delémont
21 Institut de Hautes Etudes en Administration Publique-Lausanne
22 Interstate University of Applied Sciences and Technology-Buchs
23 Institut Universitaire Kurt Bösch-Sion
24 Kalaidos Fachhochschule-Zürich …
25 Fachhochschule Ostschweiz-St. Gallen
26 Webster University – Geneva-Bellevue
27 Zürcher Fachhochschule-Zürich
28 Les Roches-Gruyère University of Applied Sciences-Bulle …

Student Visa Requirements

Student Visa Switzerland, Requirements for Study in Switzerland: Application Form, Process Procedure for Study in Switzerland Visa-
Only Americans or foreign residents and foreign students in the United States who have a valid permanent resident card or a valid U.S. visa (e.g. categories F1 (I-20), H1B, G1, J1, etc.) may apply for a visa. The following are the requirements for a student visa:

1. Three national (type D) visa application forms, fully completed and signed by the applicant. Applications that are not duly completed, dated and signed will not be accepted.
2. Four recent passport photos.
3. Two copies of a valid passport or travel document(with validity as prescribed for study)
4. If applicable, original and copy of proof of residency in-country is required, e.g. a valid permanent resident card of the respective home country etc. Notarized copy if applying by mail.
5. Two copies of confirmation/registration letter from the school, university, etc. in Switzerland
6. Two copies of confirmation of payment of school tuition fees
7. A statement containing exact details of income and assets, with official proof and/or bank statements (2 copies each)
8. Two copies of previous diplomas and school certificates
9. Two copies of a written confirmation that the applicant will leave Switzerland after he/she completes the chosen course study
10. Two copies of a resume (biographical data, schools attended, etc.)
11. Two copies of a brief essay on the applicants future plans
12. Visa fee & additional postage fee.

This request will be forwarded for a decision to the competent cantonal foreign police where the candidate intend to study and the representation will only be able to issue your visa upon receipt of the authorization. The procedure takes at least 8-10 weeks. Once the authorization has been given, the following documents will have to be sent to the competent Swiss representation in order to obtain the visa:

1. Original passport or travel document
2. If applying by mail: one prepaid, self-addressed return envelope with a tracking number
Upon submitting the application candidates are also required to submit a copy of their passport. Original passports would only be required for authentication. The embassy has the reserve right for asking any other authentication. Incomplete applications would not be accepted.Visa processing takes about three weeks. All regulations consular fees or services are subject to change without any prior notice.

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